Best Details for the Perfect Junk Removal

Every year, every citizen produces about 270 kilograms of household waste. Where does all this garbage go? Currently, such an important problem as the removal of bulky waste and the destruction of solid household waste is solved by their disposal. These landfills have the form of a pit in which unsorted waste is dumped for a certain time.

The Amount

To reduce the amount of garbage such dumps set on fire. And sometimes, due to exposure to high temperatures, there is spontaneous combustion of urban landfills, with the release of asphyxiated smoke. In addition, weather conditions also affect debris, accelerating chemical decay. In this case, the decay products do not go anywhere, they fall into the ground, into groundwater, into the air, which inevitably leads to contamination of the area. Such landfills bring only harm and do not meet modern environmental safety requirements. There you need the support of the Junk Removal.

New modern landfills are organized with the new technologies, they are not a threat to the environment.

New pits are covered with plastic wrap, which prevents the penetration of decomposition products into the ground.
Further, for the collection and disposal of liquid substances that are collected at the bottom of the pit, a drain is organized. Liquid substances are formed after precipitation and in the process of decomposition of solid waste.

Every day, the litter is compacted and leveled with special equipment, after which it is covered with soil, again leveled and covered with dense polyethylene, which will prevent the release of harmful gases formed as a result of decay and precipitation.

The First Options

After the foundation pit is completely filled, it is thoroughly covered with soil, and in its place, a parking lot or a park is organized. To ensure the reliability of the pits from the point of view of environmental safety after the disposal of solid waste, sorting of waste is carried out. For sorted waste there is its own technology of burial, it depends on the layers of debris and soil.

Garbage removal of solid waste, disposal of solid waste and control over the correct execution of work requires the authorities to make substantial investments, as well as large energy costs.